A long time ago, a linguistic genius was born.  Her name sounds awfully similar to my name (only you don’t pronounce the “s”).  She grew up learning English and quickly mastered the language.  She wrote many amazing stories and made them into books.  These books had a circulation of at least eight people.  However, these eight people thought these books were masterpieces.  Some of these people may have been related to the linguistic genius.  Some of these people may have been the linguistic genius’ mom.  It doesn’t really matter.  The point is this young American knew how to use English.

However, then this highly attractive person (a fact also confirmed by this person’s mom) soon discovered France.  She discovered the country.  Before this, it was simply a forest with a cathedral and not many people knew about it, but now, because of her, everyone knows about it.  However, she also discovered that she did not speak French very well.  She quickly learned a phrase “Le poisson nage.”  It was an extremely useful phrase, especially if she  were underwater.  Next, she e-mailed a French person.  This French person met her in a cafe and they drank wine.  Then, he said he would teach her French.  Then, they began to not only learn French but fall in a lava pit.  Wait, no, not a lava pit– a love pit.  They fell in love with one another and soon planned to get married.  However, the English linguistic genius realized she would have to learn French as well as she knew English, which I don’t think I need to remind you, is extremely well.  This was a large challenge.

This challenge is what is documented in this blog.  This genius hopes that one day she will make it into another book, perhaps with a circulation of more than eight–perhaps eleven or even fourteen people.

This is all we know right now.  These pages will be updated as the future unfolds.  Read at your own risk.  You might fall in love with the narrator yourself.  Falling in love is discouraged.  Falling in a lava pit is also discouraged.




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