July 27 to August 17, 2017

I don’t like drawing, but I also do really like drawing.  In an attempt to get better at illustration and at French, today I begin a 21 day challenge.  Each day for 21 days, I will take a non-English phrase or word and draw an illustration for it.  I welcome your submissions  (just  illustrate any phrase or word, as long as it is not English).  Please e-mail submissions to lexleclerc8 at gmail.com with an English translation of the phrase, your name and country.  The best ones will be posted.   All ages submissions welcome from 0-150 years old! I will include your name and your country on the post.

July 27 Day 1: Bienvenue au Lac


Day 2: Vous être un monstre!

Day 3: Les Mûres dans le Matin



Day 4: Je suis le cochonnet!


Day 5: Es-tu contente?

Day 6 and 7: absolument! et un homme qui est nu!

Day 8: Désolé (forgot accents in photos. désolé! 🙂

Day 9: Should be Bon Travail. (merde.)

Day 10: On n’est pas en sucreIMG_5960

Day 11 and 12: C’est impossible!  C’est impossible! C’est impossible! C’est impossible! C’est impossible! C’est impossible! C’est impossible! Porquoi pas?IMG_5959

Day 13: Ah oui, peut-etre, je vais prends une cuillère.IMG_5958

Day 14 and Day 15: J’ai très faim! Je sais. Moi aussi.

Day 16, 17, 18: Avez-vous mon livre? Ça va! C’est formidable!