Vous etes mon amie!

Welcome, welcome. Feel free to take off your shoes. Yes, I encourage it. Tonight we are going to ¨eat!¨ You can tell that this is a house that likes to eat by this sign I have that says ¨Eat!¨

Oh your feet look much different than I was expecting. They are more like pale fish. Like trout, no?  Like the kind we will have for dinner tonight. Yum!

I am so happy you accepted my invitation to come tonight. I know it took you a few days to get back to me by text so I wondered, but then I just looked at this sign I have that says ¨Be Happy!¨

So, can I offer you a glass of wine. Oh, what are you looking at .  . .ah the sign that says ¨Vino!” Oh no? You were looking at the one that says ¨No Whining Only Wine and Knitting.¨ Yes, that´s a favorite of mine.

Now, if we feel a little stressed like we don´t know what to talk about, no problem. I have a list of words above my kitchen table ¨SING, FEEL, DOVES, PARIS, MEN-what´s the deal with men?¨ Should we pick what´s the deal with men?  I mean, really, what is the deal! Gosh.

Oh you want to talk about poetry–like Solmaz Shariff? And how good her book, Look is? No, I am sorry but we can´t do that. It´s not listed on the wall.  How about we jump to ¨I´d rather be golfing!¨

Why are you putting your shoes on? You are leaving? No, no, I only have signs that say ¨Hello¨ I don´t have any that say ¨Goodbye¨ or ¨How can you hurt me in this intricate way?” or ¨I baked a giant lasagna and I live alone with only bird specimens from the lab I work in.¨

I´ll just have to look at this sign that says ¨Friend,” longingly and sadly, hoping it may reveal some greater truth to me.


photo taken from Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/listing/200455387/inspirational-signs-new-home-decor-faith


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