Vous êtes française ?

While walking on the path near Pacific Rim National Park, a man said “Bonjour !” to us. We said Bonjour! back to him. Then he asked Vincent if he were québécois.

I stayed quiet and fiddled with my scarf. I thought he might think that we were a young, fit, French couple.

Je ne suis pas français. But, I did understand most of the conversation. He was also from Lyon. He asked V. if he was living in America.

It is such a nice experience to understand most of a French conversation. I loved that.

Lately, I’ve been very curious about accents. Why do they happen? How do they go away? Do children ever get them from their parents, if their parents are foreigners to the place where they are living?

If you have any thoughts on this, please write in. I’m so curious.


2 thoughts on “Vous êtes française ?

  1. caravanofcomposition says:

    I think sometimes a child picks up on their parent’s accent, even if they are not from the same place. I used to babysit for a family in Rochester – mom was from NYC and had a thick accent. Daughter was born in Rochester but spoke as if she too was from NYC. I’ve also noticed people begin to take on accents when they are transplanted – say from Western NY to the deep south. Imagine it is similar to French speakers who hail or move to various French speaking areas. People pick up the sounds of voices most frequently around them, whether consciously or otherwise.

    1. Lex Leclerc says:

      Yes I think that makes sense. Like it’s a little clip that attaches to our words from other people. But then also some parts are never lost, like my grandmother still has a British accent even though she’s been here for over 70 years

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