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To get to Vancouver Island, you must take an ocean ferry. We pulled our car on in the efficient logistic system BC Ferries had worked out and then opened the doors and got out, finding the sun decks and hot coffee.  

The ride over was lit with clean, white light. The kind of light known to me, only in Maine. I have not put my foot in the Pacific Ocean since I was a child. The ferry brought me back to some forgotten part of myself–a young girl who was terrified by the sublime thing that is the ocean.

From the warm, white decks, we spotted dolphins. Wind blew our hair out behind us and inspired feelings of vivacious conquest. Like, ¨this is living!¨ La vraie vie!

Next to us, on the top floor sun deck, I immediately spotted a traveling French family. I love traveling French families.

The husband usually has a long sleeve shirt and a backpack, sometimes a real camera and a scarf.  He is often wearing brown or black sneakers. He usually has good, thick hair. Maybe a very large nose.

The wife has elegant cheekbones, a silk scarf, a backpack purse made by a foreign designer, European sneakers or European comfort shoes and interesting glasses: futuristic yet colorful. Did I want to talk to them? Yes, I did. But, all I could think of to say was ¨J´adore les poissons!¨ (i love fish!)  I had to settle for hearing them say ¨Ca Va Bien.¨ (things are going okay)

In Victoria, we ate blueberry and cream pastries at Crust, letting the crumbs fall as we walked. We drank Berry Victoria tea at Imagine, watched float planes and tourists, while savoring the delicious beauty that is Canadian cream (why don´t Americans understand milk the way other countries do?).  We drank a big bold red from British Columbia on top of our micro loft in downtown Victoria. We had locally sourced trout from Canoe, which was steps away from our Airbnb.

Victoria is like Vancouver´s smaller, shorter, more rugged cousin. She takes more photos, smells more like salty fish knows more about Emily Carr, but does not have Vancouver´s athleticism or natural charisma, but is very pleasant to stroll around with.



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