La Bière

Sometimes when I am around people, I like to draw.

Instead of talking, it is so nice to be in the company of people (people=vincent) while engaging in a different activity. It´s why I love libraries. There is little talking. Just reading. Together. Quietly.

Am I monk? No. Am I strange fellow? Peut-etre. Did I visit a micro brewery in Vancouver named Strange Fellows? Why, yes, I did, there, mate.

Here is my review.

Bartender=nice. bearded. jovial.

Bar=artsy. like you are in a Wes Anderson movie that is animated with vikings and foxes.

Beer=the strawberry beer was delicious. I totally forgot the name but it´s ¨PC¨ in my illustration. the gin goose tasted exactly like an airplane bathroom. citrus mixed with a je ne sais quoi . . .human factor? this wasn´t all together bad which made me question both my palate and other things about myself. the IPA smelled like hops and was enticing. Miam.

Overall, it was the kind of bar where one could go to put on headphones and chillax, like one young chap actually did. The kind of beer anyone could go to have a beer and illustrate. Dare I say, a bar for introverts? If I lived here, I would go.

And on a personal note to Scotty, a friend we met at Bombay–thanks for the ¨recommendation¨ and we will confirm what other people thought; it is a really good brewery.


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