Ce n’est pas une poème.

Ce n’est pas une poème.:


This is not a poem:


C’est une poème.:

The Guild of Fabulous Gentlemen

by Alexis David

they wake up freezing; coughing; sputtering
like machines, like twilight riders, like Odysseus sea captains
it takes only oil, only Chanel No. 5, only silver polish and they become gilded,
like stars in our theater top universe.
it happens in grocery stores, on benches, in badly lit malls,
gentlemen, take your seats and your medals, your honors, our admiration.
we’re happy you arrived and resisted. you, the few, the kind, the gentle:
the fathers with strollers, the good guys who are always good.
we wanted this country to believe in you. dirt under fingernails, bike grease on your right calf, you don’t hold the door open for anyone, you’ve redefined chivalry.
we love you and support you. listen to you. want to believe we are all you–that the other kind of men don’t exist. you know who i mean.
you’re hidden in parks, outdoor cafes, in bookshops.
pour us a cup of tea, invite us to sit with you, we will, gladly. heal our fractures, all the things men have killed inside us for too long.

This is a class about not-poems:


This is not a class about not poems, but rather a frustrated moose:



Featured Image comes from Just Buffalo’s education program.  Check out their Tuesday/Thursday after school writing classes here


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