Unwanted Dental Floss is Everywhere


Porquoi! Porquoi! Why do I see these single use dental floss applicators everywhere? Why are they on every street corner? Please. Tell me. I see these all the time. Like this past week, I saw one twice. And, it’s already a thing in my head–like a mindset that says “dental floss is on every street corner.” Who uses these? Who then tosses them away? Why do they buy them in the first place? Why can’t they just use regular floss? And, then when purchasing them, why are they like, oh it’s 3pm and I’m standing on a crosswalk, time to floss! Tell me. Seriously. I need this explained immediately.

The only things I know, after some extensive research, is they are called “flossers” and they are available as single use or reusable. But the mystery remains . . .why are they are on street corners? Or, am I the only one who ever sees these? Is this some kind of trail? Or hint for me? Is the universe telling me something? Do I need to floss and litter more?

Je ne sais pas. Je suis tres perplexe.

Over and out. I’ve got a corner I need to find so I can litter dental products as it’s clearly socially acceptable now. Finally! This is freedom guys. We really get to be Americans now! Flossers for everyone! Just throw them wherever you’d like when done.


2 thoughts on “Unwanted Dental Floss is Everywhere

  1. john mcadam says:

    how bad is this; ross lyon the coach of the fremantle dockers was flossing his teeth during the third quarter during his side’s 61 point flogging by the magpies. what’s next, flossing between overs in a test match?

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