Estate Sale

Bonjour toute le monde!

I enjoy going through other people’s homes, especially when it’s late at night and no one knows I am there.

Ha! Je rigole! I’m kidding. That only happened once (non, je rigole, again! double rigole).

Vraiment. I enjoy going to estate sales. Right now, as we speak, there is one in what appears to be a wealthy artist home. There was gorgeous art on the wall for $6,000 but today is 50 % off day! Ha. Suckers. Watch out everyone else.  Regardez toute le monde!  I have my eye on a tablecloth with a small stain and maybe one shoe. Just to throw them off.


The house is so nice we have to wear blue footies. I enjoy wearing blue footies. I actually asked if I could buy them (cette n’est pas vrai!). They were a good look. Space meets blue man group. I love that style.

I am going back to the estate sale this morning. I need to bargain really well. My dad bargained 25 cents for a fire lighter. The estate sale person that was too much and insisted on 27 cents. I am going to try and buy some art supplies. I am only bringing $6 in my wallet.  Maybe I will try to pay in some pesos and icelandic krona. Again, just to throw them off.  I am a wild card!

When the estate sale person rings me up, I’m going to say, “The way I calculate it, you owe me money!” Ha! Then I will leave the best bargainer in zeeee world!

Okay, I’m off.  Bonne chance mes amies. 


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