Bonjour mes amies! I am from Buffalo; I don’t talk about this nearly enough. Actually, as we all know, I don´t talk nearly enough, especially when I am at coffee shops. This is why I like going to coffee shops.

Other people do the work of talking for you. You can feel that you are in a conversation about the way your friend´s mother in law handles your children, without actually participating in the conversation, and without actually having any children, or a mother in law that lives near enough to watch your children consistently.

Right now, I write to you from Remedy House. This is a Parisian style cafe, accented in the most beautiful blue. It is deep and rich and seems to hold all your worries, cooing them to calm relaxation as I sip my oolong, wood house, tea. I need some remedies right now. I feel like I am so close to perfect but just not there. Gosh. It´s annoying. If perfection is a 10, I am like a 9.75. I think only the sweating and the lack of job are pulling me down. Maybe also the tattoo of Staples´ ¨easy button.¨ That was a bad decision. I realize this now. I have switched to temporary tattoos. Don´t worry mon petite lapin.

I think there are a lot of professors in this cafe. They are only rubbing it in that this is the job I wanted but alas I did not want to be an adjunct professor anymore and my union days were full of bitter beer and me starting too many conversations with, ¨let me tell you a story.¨ Then I would tell long intricate, motivational, Tony Robbins type of stories about how we could all make more money. But, look at them now, reading their books and wearing their summer tevas. Oh the life I could have lived!


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