You seem stressed.

Are you stressed? Because you seem stressed. Oh my gosh, look, you’ve just had six cups of coffee and you are wearing the same outfit you wore yesterday. I think you need to do some art.  Here’s a class you might like. The teacher is so cool. She’s like the Olympic figure skater of teachers. Wow! Her grace. Her power. Oh my gosh, she’s me. Ha. I didn’t even make that connection.



2 thoughts on “You seem stressed.

  1. coteetcampagne says:

    You are on a roll ( does this English colloquialism translate?)
    I have never seen so many posts from you.
    Is this an existentialist , train of thought , period for you? Will your future biographer write “Lex Leclerc entered her existential verbal diarrhoea period in the dying days of the summer of 2018”

    1. Lex Leclerc says:

      It’s my new plan to write something funny every day. I hope my biographer doesn’t mention diarrhoea unless they are a doctor who can fix my stomach problems through the biography.

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