American Food

Since weight loss is on my mind right now, I’ve decided to eat a gigantic piece of cake with buttercream frosting. Miam! This is part of my healthy living plan. I run two miles each morning and then try not eat unhealthy until five p.m. At five p.m., I start to eat crazy things.  Like last night, there were these tiny roast beef sandwiches at a party I attended. I had six of them. I just couldn’t stop. They were so good. Even thinking about them brings a pleasant taste to my mouth.

I think that in France, French people like to label all unhealthy food as “American.” Like, if there is a cheeseburger on the menu, it is automatically an American dish. What is American food? My favorite food in America is British food that my grandmother cooks and Indian take out. I think I need to start complaining about American food more and eating it less. Yes, this is the ticket. I will be less fun to be around but get to keep wearing my favorite jeans (the small size ones).

No, what I’m really going to do is start to cook from The Moosewood cookbook more. I love to eat vegetarian and The Moosewood is a very small restaurant in Ithaca, NY. It has top notch food: imagine quinoa salads and fish in herbed packets and the best lasagna this side of the Atlantic. Imagine going into a warm, wood floored space. Imagine most of the people in there are good natured professor types. You hear words flying around like “dystopian ideal” and “diaspora.”  That conversation makes the food taste much better.

Okay, I’m off to eat right now. I think I need to just talk more when I eat. That way if I am talking constantly, I won’t be eating as many miniature roast beef sandwiches. I see no problems with this whatsoever.


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