Cafe au lait, oy vay!


Oh, it’s nice to see you here in this modern designed euro cafe. I am drinking my coffee out of an Illy coffee mug and I have a few euros on the table. You are wearing an exotic bird feather on your blouse. You look sweaty. I, too, am sweaty. Always. Maybe you will hire me as an editor for your popular travel magazine “Golden Sunsets: Leisure Travel for Couples Over 50.” I can only dream. Oh I can only dream.

You want to know what book I am reading? Bien sur. C’est s’apple “Cork Dork.” L’auteur est Bianca Bosker.  It’s about taste and how to taste. I drink coffee without milk now. I lick pennys and ink from pens and the bottoms of other people’s feet. Do you think your readers would be interested in this? I could compare the feet of people getting off a Viking River boat tour in Germany and those getting off one in Spain. What do you think? Is this a pitch? Is this working? Will you pay me for this? Can I lick your feather pin?

I drink wine and coffee and eat chocolate in a whole new way since reading this book. I taste everything. I taste words (mango hints of lemon). I taste music (pepper hints of septic tanks). I taste laughter (marshmallow hints of rust). I live vivaciously now.

Oh you have to go? You sat down at the wrong table? You were supposed to meet that person over there in the J.Crew business casual for women clothes. Mince! Je ne sais pas quoi faire. Peut-etre lire mon livre. Oui. C’est possible. Merci, beaucoup. Mon cafe au lait goute comme une chaussure. C’est delicieux! 



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