Books Reviews for Books I Cannot Read

Bonjour mes amies ! Comment est-il vous ? Je suis très bien.  Je suis lire les livres parce qu’il y a une bibliothèque á Buffalo. Oui. C´est vrai ! 

Yes, there is a French library in Buffalo now.  I went there on Monday and met the owner/librarian.  He was very kind and funny.  He told me he publishes trash poetry–poetry he throws in the trash.  I was fairly nervous the entire conversation would be in French but it was not at all, so that was kind of nice.  At the end we got some, French words in there.  I need to write a different post about how different French people speak differently to me and how my favorite person is Fred to speak with because he always says, ¨Alexi, your French is getting so so good!¨

But, back to this post, I took out four books.  The first book I read in like ten minutes.  Yes, it was very easy for me.  Molliere, you know,  simple.  Je rigole!  The first book was about the life cycle of trees and I really enjoyed it. I like the phrase ¨little by little.”


It is really nice to read books for children because I can understand them and I get a little more French vocabulary.

Lately, my French confidence has been very low.  I went camping with my French friends and they spoke in French and I could not understand much of what they said.  It was so fast and I could not follow because I was tired and hungry.  I like French books because I can read them very slowly, so I am very happy about this French library.

The second book I borrowed from the library is called ¨C´est Quand Le Bonheur.” I think this means, ¨When is it Happy?”  As predicted, this is a bit of a gloomy book.  I am on page ten and so far I think that the characters are no longer in a relationship but wish they were.  I don´t mind though, just like I didn´t really mind that my French friends were speaking in French.

It´s lovely to be around the French language.  When I speak in French I speak in a lower voice and I think there is something beautifully dark about French culture.  Nothing is ever good enough for the French and that makes them appealing to me.  They like thick cream in their eclairs.  They like strong, black espresso.  They like their brie to weep because it is so ripe.  I like this way.  Maybe I am just in an existential mood, but I will keep reading this not so happy book.

I will keep looking for the happy, readers.  Yes, I will. Au revoir.  Bonne chance. 



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