travel tips for broken down people

BONJOUR! hello.  Here are some travel tips for you this summer:

Allez les bleus!                                                                                  But, let’s not forget about England.  I mean I’m Welsh come on.


  1. think about what type of travel you are doing
    1. space travel
    2. going to the grocery store
    3. going to a vacation destination
    4. going on a disney cruize.  (uh, i don’t have any advice for this one, except keep the lotion because those little red disney bottles come in handy when your skin is dry.)

D’accord.  Allors, le travel de la space.

  • bring Elon Musk.

D’accord. Allors . . .le market

  • make a list of all the food you need.  think about the fact that you already have a ton of rice in your pantry.

Okay, so, you’re going on a vacation:

  • if it is to France, make sure to intonate well.  like do this kind of weird groan between sentences and you will immediately understand the language by the body language of everyone around you.  bonne chance!


Okay.  this post is over. (phew.).


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