No anglais!

Bonjour.  Hello.  How are you.  You’re looking great.  Like the tie.  Like the face.  Let’s get to it.

IMG_20180313_173128.jpgNE PARLEZ PAS ANGLAIS, SVP.  D’ACCORD?  Bien.

My house is now half French.  Literally.  On the first floor, inhabitants can only speak French.  On the second floor, English is permitted.

This is going really well.  Because, see, here’s the thing.  Vincent is a walking gold mine of the French language but he’s a stingy maman foulard.

He doesn’t speak French at home.  But, three signs and one beautiful rule changed all of that.  Oh yes, mes amis.  Oh yes.

We started this on Sunday and we have been holding to it really well.  Twice, Vincent’s been like, “Wow! Your French is super good!”

Yeah.  You had no idea, Van Gogh, because we never spoke it.  Puh!  Fou lapin, anglais est pour enfants!  (hopeful translation: silly rabbit, English is for kids).

So, there is that.

Also, at the school, we got a turtle.  And his name is Flash.  And we met a horseshoe crab. And his name is Rico.  So, clearly, no complaints here.




7 thoughts on “No anglais!

  1. coteetcampagne says:

    Where may I get such a sign?
    It may screw our courage to the sticking place of advancing our French, which has reached an unfortunate plateau.
    My dog is bilingual though. Does that count toward my French immersion?

      1. coteetcampagne says:

        Ah, that’s a good point; she’s tri-lingual if you include dog.
        Her native tongue is French, so, for the first month I had to walk around with Google translate to hand so I could give her appropriate commands such as”Don’t roll in that duck poo!” Or “Come out of that neighbour’s nice, tidy front garden and stop digging up those lovingly planted bulbs!”
        Honestly. It was EXHAUSTING, but she does understand screeched English now.

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