Your husband, Steven Pickles, knows nothing about Bohemian Bliss.

Hallo. Wow. You look great.  Like happier. Like all those dark circles under your eyes are way less dark.  And your thighs look less like sausages.  Gosh, you’re as pretty as an elfin flight attendant.  What solar cream are you using these days?

Oh and I see you are here with Steven Pickles.  Your successful  industrial canning tycoon husband.  What’s that you guys have in this parking lot near Gullfoss waterfall?  Oh a  Porsche 911.  Pfuh.  Haven’t you heard? Capitalist status is out and bohemian bliss-convenience is in.

Here, come over here with me.  Yeah, yeah, no, don’t worry Steven Pickles is studying a tuna can in the trash.  Come look at my camper-van.  It’s a Ford Transit.  Note the solar panel.  Note the electric cooler.  Yes, that is beer in the cooler.  Please don’t touch that.  Thank you.  No, I’m not saying you were going to drink one, I’m just saying, please don’t put your hand near that Viking can.  That six pack cost $17 so I’m just taking precautions.

Here, hold my hair scarf for a moment, while I quickly change into my arctic bikini because Vincent and I are on our way to the hot springs.  That’s right.  We’re just going to drive there, go in the geothermal water, take a coffee from the community room which looks like the most inviting living room ever and then go eat some lunch in the camper-van.  We’re having Skyr, brown bread and smoked salmon and then we’ll take a little reading nap.  I’m reading Graceling. It’s about a medieval girl warrior.  As I read, I can hear the grumbles of Katla the volcano as she sits sleeping, dreaming quaking dreams of sand and ash.

If you find yourself in Iceland, check out Northbound for your camper-van rental. This is where we got ours and this company is super nice to work with.  Gummi, from Grand Iceland, picked us up at the airport and was really informative and helpful:

Screenshot 2017-07-27 at 9.32.35 AM



2 thoughts on “Your husband, Steven Pickles, knows nothing about Bohemian Bliss.

    1. Lex Leclerc says:

      oh yes i would recommend that. Mr.Pickles has the faintest aroma of hakarl himself and considers himself a bit of a financial shark so perhaps he would enjoy this canning endeavor. good tip monsieur mcadam!

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