This is not a poem.

Salut!  So, I just saw the solar eclipse and everything has changed in my life.  I feel that we are on the brink of a hopeful, exciting, peaceful future!  C’est magnifique!  And, I am still working on my drawing challenge.  So far, I’ve learned that 21 days is a very long time (trop longtemps, peut-etre?) and I’m not that keen on “committing to a new routine.”

In the meantime, I’ve just finished a course about poetry.  Ah oui, les poésie!  Tres beau!  Or is it? 

Sometimes it’s extremely annoying.

Like, if you are going out and you’re like “Okay, so we’ll meet at Brothers Lunar Pub at 9.  I’m going to bring my buddies: fiction, non-fiction, photography, maybe painting isn’t busy, oh yeah and poetry said she wanted to come.”

And your friend is like, “Ugh.  Poetry.  Really?  Maybe we can just not tell her we’re going tonight.”

“What? No.  We have to tell her.  She’s was excited to wear this new couplet and she was talking about some kind of rhyme scheme she has going.”

“Ugh.  I don’t think I can go.  I think I need to continue my research on ancient plumbing on Pinterest.”

This is a made up scenario, but obviously something like this has happened to you.  En fait, I’ve seen you at Brothers Lunar before.  Actually you were the one who asked if my scarf was a “slanket” or a “freedom blanket” and then laughed hysterically with your cool friends.  I remember it all really well.  I have a photo of you on my dashboard and I often stay up late at night in my car listening to police conversations.  Just saying.

Anyway, here is a class I’m teaching in case you have conflicting views on poetry (click photo svp!):




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