C’est mauvais! (not really).

The above image is how I feel today.

You see, Debbie, (that’s what your name is, right? that’s what it says on this sheet in front of me. Oh wait, is your name Deb V.? Oh no, Debbie. Yeah, I was right the first time), you see, Debbie, I took a sick day today.

I hate taking sick days. I like to be active. I teach at a college, so my job is interesting and exciting.   It was different when I used to work in that tuna processing plant, but now that I teach at a college, I have a high level of job satisfaction.

But, today I feel like a run over raccoon.

Yes, it’s true Debbie. I do.

So, in French this phrase is actually not to describe being sick. I tried to learn it by illustrating someone whose arm had been cut off (terrible, rare medical events is a common way I learn new ideas), but really, if this were to happen to you, your arm detaching from your body, don’t use that phrase. Instead, use this phrase if the weather outside is rainy or stormy or snowy–like “I know my arm just fell off, but, man, is it still raining out? What the heck is up with this weather? C’est mauvais.”

Got it?


Also, I’m trying this new thing on Amazon where I select products that relate to my blog. I’d like to introduce you to French weather words. It’s something I might buy and it’s cool.  If you want to check it out.  If you don’t.  Hey, it’s cool.  I didn’t eat tuna every day at the plant when I worked there: only some days.

So, Debbie, you said you were here for an interview? I should tell you that I actually don’t even work here. I was just trying to find the cafe and got a little turned around. Good luck with your job search. I do feel the world needs more transgeneticists, but I’m actually a writing teacher who is on a sick day. Can I ask you what the weather’s like outside? C’est mauvais? Ah, oui.  I’ll wear my raincoat.


2 thoughts on “C’est mauvais! (not really).

  1. jmcadam says:

    Try “she’ll be right mate” australians use it to handle any problem.

    My friends dog just died and he just lost his job; he feels like a run over raccoon.
    “she’ll be right mate”

    Just try it; you’ll feel better for it.

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