I promise to find ribs.


What a distinctive laugh you have.  Wow.  It’s quite high, isn’t it?  Like it goes really high there at the end and then kind of ends in a slight “mooing” sound.  Different. I like that.  C’est bizzare, mais cool, comme toi.

Anyway.  I am sitting here seconds away from leaving for the home country.  When I say the “home” country, you should know I mean, Vincent’s home country and my country that has homes that I stay in that are not mine.  Thus, my “home ” country.  FRANCE.  Glorious, beautiful, stylish France.

Why am I going there?  Oh, thank you for asking.  I’m actually quite glad you stopped laughing, it was hurting my bowels.

I am going to La France because I am exchanging vows with mon coeur, l’homme qui j’adore: Vincent!  That’s right.

So, I will be saying my vows in French, obviously.  This is both difficult and difficult, especially since there will be beaucoup authentic French people at the wedding.  Most of it is pretty good.  I sound kind of like a mix between a stereotypical French waiter (More soup, Monsieur!) and like Katherine Hepburn in “The African Queen” (1950’s proper speaking).  It’s a unique style, but it’s good.

There is only one small problem: le mot (the word), “humour.”

The French hate the letter “h.”  I don’t know why they invite it to the party that is the word it if they constantly ignore it, but you know they are good at so many other things, we must forgive them.

Anyway, apparently you are supposed to say this word, “humour” kind of like, “ew more.”  My vow is “Je promet trouver humour dans notre vie.”  When Vincent and I wrote these in English, I didn’t realize how difficult this whole humor situation would be because if I pronounce “humour” incorrectly, I get this other word, that is mysterious to me, but means “rib.”  So, I might be promising Vincent to find ribs in our life, which you know, isn’t as ideal, or perhaps quite as meaningful to me, but it would be very helpful in providing us food that I don’t really like, but that Vincent does like, especially while camping.  Mais, c‘est la vie.

And I take my vows very seriously, so if that is indeed what I say at the wedding, well, then,  I will be doing everything in my power, and even to my own dislike of this type of meat, to find ribs.  So many ribs.  All of the time.  Because that’s what marriage is about: promise and adventure.

A bientot mes amis.

p.s. Merci a Sebastien et Karine pour les cool postcarte avec les tres parfait phrases 🙂





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