Bienvenue a 10 Rue de Cerisier, ma maison.

Hello, dear 428 followers.

IMG_0326Two days ago, I was a simple French-American and by “French-American,” I mean an American who wants to be French.  Then, all of a sudden, you guys all showed up because maybe you saw me on Freshly Pressed and, then, this blog suddenly became a party!

And, now, as I’m getting everyone some drinks and some of this President cheese and butter Vincent just brought home today from a secret cheese source that we have (try the butter on the cheese, it’s really good and super healthy), I’d like to just take a quick moment and say, merci!  And, please don’t spill anything on the carpet.  No, really, it’s velour and it’s new.  Very expensive.

IMG_0454Now, that you are here, trapped in this blog, I’m going to start playing some Zaz (listen here, but promise, you’ll be back! ) and introduce you to people who you might fall in love with because after all this is a French party and a French party doesn’t end until people fall in love.  Well, actually, in my studying French animations on the internet, a lot of French stories end with death, but hopefully that will not be how this ends.  I’ll hand out some helmets, just to make sure.

FullSizeRender 2I’ve included a couple photos.  You’ll notice one very impressive one.  It’s the one with the yellow.

Yes, I am the newest member (and most enthusiastic) of the Alliance Francaise!  Oui, oui, that’s right.  They scouted me out.  Well, first they made all these people write essays and read a short monologue and then asked us to spell four words–mine were super hard, but je suis tres intelligente and when you think about it, “bathroom” isn’t that hard once you sound it out.  Anyway, they offered it to me after this intense competition.  And by offered it to me, I actually mean, I had to go on their website and pay money for it.  However, je suis tres contente!  

They sent me this very exclusive literature and I start actual French classes with actual French people in two weeks.  Oui!  I am going to be taking a lot of notes.  My favorite decade in French history was the 1980s because that’s the decade most of my French textbooks have photos from.  You can learn a lot about style from 1980s French photos–for instance, the French do preppie super well.  Next time I go to France, I’m going to buy a lot of polos and wear a sweater casually around my neck and I will definitely be wearing Levis.  Perhaps, this is the outfit I’ll wear to the first day of my French classes to show that I’m a true insider.  People will probably be taking notes about me.  People will probably be like, “Why in the world do you have that slight American accent?  You are clearly the most French person here.  Oh mon dieu, look at you, you’re eating a roll of brie and is that a baguette in your backpack?  Oh wait, no, you’re backpack is a baguette.  How original.  How French.”

Yes, that’s probably what’s going to happen.  I’ll have to wear some sunglasses or a visor to disguise myself.

Anyway, welcome to ma maison.  Please have a seat and feel free to tell me interesting French music you like as I slightly turn my own music up a little bit louder so I strangely can’t hear the sound of your voice. IMG_0458


13 thoughts on “Bienvenue a 10 Rue de Cerisier, ma maison.

  1. ceciuz says:

    Hi there! I am new here (who knows, maybe a new linguistic genius just born?! ;)) and found your blog out by chance. Let me say I love it!
    I have one “bad” comment though… I see a lot of cheeses which are not French in your picture above. I am Italian so I know… 😉
    Despite that, please keep writing and good luck!

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